London - Virtual and Hybrid Presentations

Virtual and Hybrid Presentations 

Live from Ham Yard Hotel, The Soho Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel and Covent Garden Hotel, virtual and hybrid events are an innovative solution to delivering safe events with no loss of reach. 

Screen your presentation to a socially distanced live audience at one of our unique venues, as well as having the option to share it with attendees across the world, using the latest technological equipment available. 

Choose from virtual events, hybrid events or live events in a safe setting.

We have the following options for you to choose from:


Our screening rooms have all the most up to date technology to deliver your presentation in a gorgeous setting.

Pre-recorded Presentations

Our venues are ideal for prerecording panel discussions to screen to an audience at a later date, as well as for virtual or hybrid events. 

If you have a pre-recorded presentation that you would like to present to your guests, there are a number of ways that you can screen it. If the recorded footage is being broadcast from a website, we are able to set this up for you using our specialised devices. If you prefer to supply us with a file, we can screen ProRes, Mov & MP4 via our Picturall Twin Media server which play these files seamlessly, plus we can also play Blu-ray.

Hybrid / live streamed Events

We can provide you through our AV partner, the option to stream your event either using single or multiple cameras with all audio and visual streamed in full HD. We can also stream in PIP (picture in picture) to any platform you require, including websites, our host streaming page, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more. We will supply a link to those who want to view the stream and once all streaming is over, we will gather together all raw footage from the camera or cameras (pre-stream) and the live stream (post-stream MP4) recordings via a downloadable link.

For further information and reservations, contact the Events Department on +44 (0)20 7287 4434 or email