Palace Laundry

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  • You can reserve more than 4 rooms, the rooms can be booked directly with your chosen hotel.
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  • Last food orders for the kitchen are taken at 23:00hrs Monday to
    Saturday, and 22:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays.

  • Tables for more than 6 people are available, and can be booked directly with the restaurant.
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Palace Laundry

We offer the highest standards of service to the most discerning of clients in British hospitality.

This means the freshest dry cleaning, the cleanest laundry and best fabric care.

We select an ideal treatment for every item, to ensure whites stay white, colours stay true and clothes keep their life and texture.

Commercial services include:

  • Hotel linen
  • Restaurant linen
  • Staff uniforms
  • Guest laundry
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Valances and bedspreads

Contact us

Rear of 78 Farm Lane
London, SW6 1QA

T: 020 7225 6345
F: 020 7386 9020