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  • The screening room at Soho Hotel.  Cinema style red leather chairs are interspersed with black and white cowhide chairs. In the background is a projector pointing towards the screen.
  • The screening room at Soho Hotel. Rows of red cinema style chairs face towards a screen.
  • The reception area of the event floor for The Soho Hotel. It is open plan with oak wood floors with a colorful rug. There is a large reception check in desk to the left with two hurricane lamps on it. The walls of the space are in a cobalt blue and burnt orange. Framed tapestries hang on the wall
  • The lobby area of the private event floor at The Soho Hotel. Walls are cobalt blue. There is colorful artwork on the walls and oak wood floors. The image looks into the two private screening rooms.

    The hotel has two state-of-the-art screening rooms with 100 and 45 seats respectively. They provide the highest quality projection and sound and can be used for private screenings, press launches and corporate presentations. The weekly film clubs are open to all showing popular movies for adults and kids.