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  • A view in toward a colorful bedroom with bright-colored artwork on each side of the doorway, as seen from a living room with two comfortable sofas in a blue and grey pattern and a blue armchair arranged in a lounge style, as well as a pink patterned armchair in the foreground.
  • Ham Yard Hotel's Terrace Suite bedroom. A king sized bed with a colourful, patterned headboard, centered in a grey bedroom nightstand tables on both sides, as well as a patterned black and white footstool at the end of the bed.
  • A spacious open plan room with a dining area and a lounge area looking over a large terrace; the dining space featuring an ample wooden dining table with five chairs and the lounge area featuring two sofas and an armchair placed around a wooden coffee table with fresh flowers.
  • The spacious Drawing Room of a Terrace Suite, looking in toward a bedroom, the Drawing Room split in two parts; a wooden dining table with six chairs around as well as a lounge area with lots of comfortable seating in armchairs and sofas, all with the light from floor to ceiling windows and original artwork.
  • View in to a sleek kitchen in dark wood with double ovens, as seen from a large dining table with two blue and red comfortable chairs, as well as a large mirror with an eye catching white metal frame to the left of the entrance.
  • A spacious bedroom with soft, grey walls, boasting a king sized bed with a large, floral headboard in blue and a sofa in matching colors at the end of the bed, looking in toward a dining room.
  • A granite bathroom containing a deep bathtub, a separate walk in shower, double basins, a bidet and a toilet.