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A Living Space: A Series Of Films By Kit Kemp
the Drawing Room And Loft Suite At Covent Garden Hotel

"Whenever I think of the Covent Garden Hotel, I think of her as the Grande Dame of our hotels. The Drawing Room is very traditional and has got a lot of needlepoint and embroidery within in it - very hard to find these days and very hard to restore when the furniture gets old and tired, but its worth doing because some of the eighteenth and nineteenth century pieces can't be repeated. In the Loft Suite, one of our most beautiful rooms within the hotel, there is a rather old and magnificent marble fireplace but the watering cans above it add a whimsical, fun feel to the room and the dog pictures are taken from old postcards that we collected in France."
Kit Kemp A Living Space: The Drawing Room and Loft Suite at Covent Garden Hotel

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