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  • You can reserve more than 4 rooms, the rooms can be booked directly with your chosen hotel.
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  • Last food orders for the kitchen are taken at 23:00hrs Monday to
    Saturday, and 22:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays.

  • Tables for more than 6 people are available, and can be booked directly with the restaurant.
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  • A cream wedding dress hangs on an open door. The door opens on to a sunny bedroom with a double bed with large floral headboard. Over the image the text reads: beautiful weddings at Firmdale Hotels'
  • The library at Covent Garden Hotels with rows of seats set across the room facing forward for a ceremony. Over the image the text reads: intimate ceremonies at Firmdale Hotels
  • An image of the Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel. Round tables in the centre of the room are set up beautifully for a formal dinner. Over the image the text reads: Grand Occasions at Firmdale Hotels.
  • The exterior of Number 16, a white stucco building with a grey door. Over the image the text reads: Elegant Entrances at Firmdale Hotel.
  • The rooftop at Ham Yard Hotel set up for a wedding with rows of chairs. Over the image the text reads: Spectacular Settings at Firmdale Hotels.
  • The pool at Haymarket Hotel set for a formal dinner party. Round tables are spread about the room with white table cloths and tall elegant candelabras. A pink light installation is featured on the back wall.  Over the image the text reads: Lavish Celebrations at Firmdale Hotels.
  • Garden Area - Tables and chairs set for dining. Secret Garden Parties at Firmdale Hotels
  • A close up image of a boutonnière with a white rose and brown paper tag with groom 'handwritten' Over the image the text reads: Exquisite Detail at Firmdale Hotels.

Firmdale Weddings

Firmdale Hotels has stylish venues for beautiful London weddings. We will work with you to create your perfect wedding.

Contact our Private Events team:
T: +44 (0)20 7287 4434