Crosby Street Hotel - Crosby Street Hotel - A Film

The Reconstruction Of My Views

A Short Film By Jean Roman Seyfried

Jean Roman Seyfried is a filmmaker, photographer, sculptor and painter. For over twenty years, Jean has drawn upon these skills and used them both individually and collaboratively in feature films, broadcast television, documentaries and digital media content design.

Born in Detroit into a family of artists, scientists and writers, at an early age she moved from Motown to Memphis, where she began her creative studies in traditional disciplines including fine arts, photography, and film. Growing up in the Memphis music and art scene had a major influence on her development as an artist. Jean Roman was granted a scholarship to the Memphis Art Academy and later moved to New York City to pursue her work. There she continued to broaden her skills to include the emerging field of digital media technologies. Combining traditional mediums with new media techniques, Jean Roman's work explores the varying aspects of light, space and movement. Jean Roman's most recent work is "The Reconstruction of My Views," a short film chronicling changes in her NYC landscape to which she has cast Time and Light as the main characters. "The Reconstruction of My Views" was premiered on 16th March 2010. Using time lapse photography and a hypnotic score by Yann Tierson it spans a 2 year period tracing the construction of the Crosby Street Hotel in New York's SoHo from a vacant parking lot to a completed building.   

Directed filmed and edited by: JEAN ROMAN SEYFRIED
THE RECONSTRUCTION OF MY VIEWS © 2010 JEAN ROMAN SEYFRIED / imedialab corp: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No use without written consent from artist.

Music written and performed by YANN PIERRE TIERSEN "comptine d'un autre été, l'après-midi". Courtesy of EMI Music France & MGB Songs on behalf of UNIVERSAL Music publ.mgb France s.a.s. and ici d'ailleurs (sacem). Under license from EMI film & television. © Universal music - mgb songs on behalf of universal music publ. mgb France s.a.s. and ici d'ailleurs (sacem)