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The Whitby Hotel

18 W 56th Street New York NY 10019

  • Lewis Miller Design
  • The Whitby Bar
  • Anrep Private Room
  • the whitby HOTEL PRESENTS 'back to flower school'
    with lewis miller, creator of the flower flash
    monday may 14 2018 at 6.30pm
    **SOLD OUT**

    The Whitby Hotel has teamed up with Flower Flash creator, Lewis Miller to host ‘Back to Flower School’, a seasonal series of floral masterclasses.

    Tying in with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, learn how to make gorgeous floral arrangements to take home under the expert hand of Lewis in the gorgeous surroundings of The Whitby Hotel's Anrep Private Room.

    Led by Lewis himself, learn how to create stunning arrangements using seasonal flowers on Monday May 14th at 6.30pm. To complete the experience, guests will be treated to a three-course dinner in The Whitby Bar prior to or following the class.

    Showcasing Lewis’s signature style while using the prettiest flowers of the season, coloured blooms grown in the Hudson Valley, for these classes you will learn how to make a gorgeous and sumptuous arrangement that exudes a spring feel to take home with you.

    $195 including two-hour flower masterclass with Lewis Miller and brunch or dinner in The Whitby Bar.


    Born and raised in California farm country, Lewis Miller developed a respect for nature at a very young age. After years of successfully pursuing his interest in design, flowers and event planning, Lewis moved to New York City in 2000 where he worked for one of the city’s top floral boutiques.

    In 2002, Lewis launched his own company: LMD New York, Lewis Miller Design. It quickly became one of the premiere floral design houses in New York with clients including Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, Richard Meier, Mayor Bloomberg and JP Morgan Chase, just to name a few. With over a decade of experience, LMD has grown into one of the most sought after and well-respected multi-event production houses in the world. His most recent projects include securing the highly-coveted Central Park Zoo gala and writing his first book, Styling Nature: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangement.

    Miller is also the creator of ‘The Flower Flash’, street art installations made of flowers. Miller repurposes flowers from events when he can to create pop-up street installations. These floral works of art are created under 15 minutes and all made before dawn. Miller’s business focuses on flowers and fantasy, transforming key life moments in his client’s lives into magical, everlasting memories. The impetus for the flower flashes was to recreate just a sliver of that sentiment and offer it to everyday New Yorkers and the tourists that visit this great City. His main vision is to create an emotional response through flowers.