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  • You can reserve more than 4 rooms, the rooms can be booked directly with your chosen hotel.
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  • Last food orders for the kitchen are taken at 23:00hrs Monday to
    Saturday, and 22:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays.

  • Tables for more than 6 people are available, and can be booked directly with the restaurant.
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    Seats 99
    Size 145 sqm (1563 sq ft)
    Screen Size 9 x 3.5 metres (30 x 12 ft)

    35mm Projection:

    2 x Kinoton FP 30 D professional film projectors

    High power 2KW Xenon light sources

    1:1.85 (Wide Screen)

    1:2.35 (Cinemascope)

    Digital Cinema:

    NEC NC1600, DCinema 2K, HD (2048 x 1080)

    Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

    Dolby Digital Cinema

    Dolby DMA 8 Digital Decoding Unit

    Octopus II HD Scaler/Switcher

    HDSDI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite

    Digi Beta, Sony J 30

    Blu Ray, Sony BD-5000

    DVD Player/Recorder, JVC SR-MV45US


    Dolby CP650 Cinema Processor, Dolby DMA 8 Digital Decoding Unit

    5.1, Mono, Dolby A, Dolby SR and Dolby SRD Digital, Dolby EX, Pro Logic II
    Lecterns and wired/ wireless microphones, tie lines between stage and projection room, audio record output.

    3D, DCP, Digi Beta & Beta SP (PAL /NTSC), DVD (PAL/NTSC, All regions) FreeView Digital TV, All PC/ MAC presentations (including sound), please ask if your desired format is not listed.
    Lightning fast wireless & wired network internet.

    Available on request: HD-D5, HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, DVCAM, HDDV, Blu-Ray
    HD Deck Hire: $600-$1300 per day

    Livestream is now available at the Crosby Street Hotel. Guests and clients can stream their live events over the internet and expand their audience. Streaming can take place on a number of platforms: Livestream channel page, Facebook tab, embedded in website or through mobile apps. Distribution and management of the live feed can range from a Livestream ad supported streaming plan to a full customization using Livestream Premium.

    For more information T: 212 226 6400 E: