London - The Soho Hotel - Screening room 1

Technical Specifications

Total Seats: 100

BARCO DP4K-23B, Digital Projector, D Cinema
Compliant 2K & 4K (4,096 x 2,160)
DoReMi DCP2k4 digital cinema server with 4k
high frame rate
Xpand Active 3D technology
AV and alternative content processing
Kramer VP747 presentation switcher / scaler
Satellite dish and receivers - LANsat
Stage connectivity XLR line sockets (adaptor to
3.5mm for PC), HDMI & VGA
Denon DN-500BD Blu-ray Player, Digi Beta,
Sony J 30 CD player
DVD player - Pioneer Multi Region, Sky HD, PC
& MAC, Graphics

Dolby CP850 / Dolby ATMOS / Dolby 7.1
DTS / Datasat AP20 cinema processor
QSYS Core 500i integrated processor
Yamaha controlled mixer LS9-E
QSC DPA 4 channel amplifiers
Stage speakers QSC SC-2150, QSC SB-2180,
QSC SB-1180
Surround speakers JBL9300, JBL AC18/26, JBLSCS8, 14 JBL 9300
Sound Formats Supported
Acoustically transparent masking
Sub bass KCS215
ATMOS 7.1, 5.1
Microphones, wired and wireless, hand held and
lapel, stage connectivity

Formats: All PC/MAC presentations (including sound), DCP, Analogue Way NeXtage 08 Vision Mixer, Picturall Twin Media Server, DVD, Sky HD, Denon DN-500BD Blu-ray Player.

Available on request: HD-D5, HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, DVCAM, HDDV, HD Deck Hire: £550 per day.


£420 per hour (2 hour minimum)

3D screenings can be arranged for an additional fee of £120 inc. VAT Broken/lost 3D glasses will incur a charge of £20 per pair

All prices quoted are in pounds Sterling and are inclusive of VAT