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  • The intimate, book lined Reading Room with exciting lighting, set in boardroom style with comfortable grey sofas toward the back. The Reading Room at The Whitby Hotel
  • The Prince private room with colourful linen covered walls set up with meeting tables in a U shape complete with notepads, pencils and water. Prince Room at Crosby Street Hotel
  • The Anrep private room with hand painted wallpaper by Melissa White, featuring Kit Kemp's mythical creatures, and mosaic artwork, set up in boardroom meeting style with comfortable chairs. Anrep Room at The Whitby Hotel
  • Lafayette Private dining room set up for lunch with a row of bright yellow flowers down the centre, beautiful china and glassware and line walls with a pretty graphic pattern. Lafayette Room at Crosby Street Hotel
  • Spring Private event room has colourful linen walls with a beautifully set long tables and chairs, fresh flowers and spectacular overhead ceiling lights. Spring Room at Crosby Street Hotel

    At Crosby Street Hotel and The Whitby Hotel, there are three stylish private rooms that are ideal for private meetings.

    They can also be easily transformed into corporate boardrooms and can cater to a variety of different sized groups.

    Each have adjacent rooms for secondary meetings or refreshments and these can be served periodically throughout the day.

    For further information and bookings, please contact:

    Crosby Street Hotel
    T: +1 212 226 6400

    The Whitby Hotel
    T: +1 212 586 5656