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  • The Garden at Number 16. A small rectangular pond occupies the centre of the garden beneath a wooden arch. Small green tables set for two people run down the side of the garden. In the background is a decorative gazebo.
  • The luscious and leafy private garden at Number Sixteen Hotel. The image features a gazebo with banquette sitting area and a long narrow pond stretching out in front.
  • The luscious garden at Number Sixteen featuring a Gazebo to the right of the image and a pond to the front.  There is a white table set for dining with a slate sculpture behind offset against the green planting of the garden.
  • The Garden at Number Sixteen looking back towards the hotel's Orangery where the doors are open.  Green planting and a patio showing 5 sets of wrought iron chairs and tables decorated with white and green flowers and set for dining.
  • The image of the orangery at Number Sixteen showing various dining tables with brightly coloured chairs and wooden and marble tables. There are vases with white and green flowers and individual hand picked art on the walls.  The room faces out onto the garden with large windows.
  • The sunny Orangery at Number 16 with salmon pink walls and wooden floorboards.  Three round tables in the centre of the room are covered in white table cloths and laid for a dinner service.
  • The Orangery set for a private dinner with a long table with 3 chairs either side and 2 at the ends. the room features hand picked art and brightly coloured chairs.
  • Close up image of a table set for dinner with glasses and Kit Kemp's mythical creatures plates.  There is a large flower arrangement in the centre of the table.
  • A corner image of the orangery showing a table set for dining next to a large window overlooking the garden at Number Sixteen.

    Number Sixteen has a beautiful tree-filled garden which is accessed through The Orangery. On a sunny day it is perfect for dining, drinking, relaxing or entertaining friends. The Orangery is light and bright, decorated in Kit Kemp's individual style and featuring handpicked works of art. Both The Orangery and the garden are available for private hire and are ideal for smaller, more intimate events.

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Afternoon Tea are served in the beautiful surroundings of The Orangery and private garden.

    16 Sumner Place
    SW7 3EG

    T: +44 (0)20 7589 5232