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  • Two large beehives standing at the back of a leafy kitchen garden on a roof terrace, looking out over Soho's buildings in the background.
  • A dedicated beekeeper in full gear in front of a beehive and a bird box in a leafy roof terrace garden.
  • Closeup of several bees in a beehive.
  • Ham Yard's own dedicated bee keeper Camilla in full gear in the leafy Roof Terrace kitchen garden.

    Placed to the rear of the garden are two bee hives which are tended to by our dedicated bee keeper, Camilla. We employ eco friendly methods for bee management and hive maintenance. Bee friendly plants have also been established around the hives.

    Our first batch of honey was produced in August 2015 and is used by the bar staff in the cocktail menu.  As Camilla explains, local honey has a wonderful complex flavour as it has not been blended or subjected to high temperatures so all the aromas of the local flowers are preserved and the health giving elements are untouched.