Ham Yard Hotel - Cloud Collection

"Cloud" Collection 

Cloud is Dinosaur Designs’ new collection of jewellery and homewares, inspired by the ever-changing movement and lightness of clouds.

The Cloud collection plays with soft, ethereal hues to echo the endlessly shifting tones of a cloud filled sky. Resin swirls entwine with pearl tones to evoke watery vapour floating in the air in an array of soft organic forms. Comprising a cloudy palette of Abalone, Sandy Pearl and Snow Swirl, the collection features accents of gold and some exciting new sculptural shapes.

Pearl pendants and earrings feature in the jewellery collection, providing effortless pieces for an elegant day or evening look, from the simplicity of the Organic Pearl Pendant to the stunning accent the Pearl Tower Earring with its graduated stack of lustrous pearls. The Pearl Cuff in resin is a new addition, a bold signature piece available in the collection’s core colour palette.

New vase shapes take centre stage in the homewares, with key pieces including Pearl Tower, Bold Pearl, Round Pearl and Pearl Dot vases, featuring organic spherical forms in soft luminous shades. Brass Incense holders make beautiful objects to complement the collection, and for the grand centrepiece, there is the extraordinary sculptural Rock Tower Table that stands almost a metre tall, a true collector’s item.

The "Cloud" Collection is available at Dinosaur Designs store in Ham Yard Village.