Ham Yard Hotel - A Kitchen Garden

A Kitchen Garden

Raised beds made of railway sleepers and picket fencing form salad, herb and vegetable gardens, its produce served in the restaurant’s daily specials. Herbs from the roof garden are used throughout the year in sauces and marinades. During the summer months, strawberries, gooseberries, broccoli, kale and thyme are used by our chefs to add a delicious and creative "garden touch" to several of the dishes on the menu. As the gardens grow and the produce is ready for harvesting, Robin draws inspiration for new and exciting seasonal specials, available exclusively at Ham Yard Restaurant.

Aside from fruit, vegetables and herbs, the plants flowering on the Roof Terrace are also used in the Ham Yard bar and kitchen:

Delicate and delightful to behold, the Edible Chrysanthemum is served with a selection of our cocktails.
Leaves of the striking Orange Marigold are used in a selection of our salads and cocktails.
The star-shape blossoms of the Borage flower offer a mild cucumber flavour and are especially delicious in summer cocktails and homemade lemonade.
Purple sage is delicious in salads and summery dishes.
The refreshing Lemon Verbena leaves are ideal for tea making and also offer a bitter twist in cocktails.
Petals from the Chicory Blue Flower are placed in ice cubes for colour, effect and taste.