Footer Upper - COVID-19

a breath of fresh air

We are known for our unique and individual interiors, but in these times designing the perfect indoor environment goes beyond what the eye can see. All Firmdale Hotels in London and New York yield the very best ventilation using innovative systems, making them feel as great as they look.

At every hotel, in every room, we have windows that open, some with doors onto a private terrace. With robust ventilation reducing the risk from aerosol transmission, our rooms are provided with 20-24 litres of fresh air per hour in a 24 hour period. Permanent extraction is exclusive to each room and a constant movement of air is sustained. The fresh air is filtered, heated and cooled to provide a constant supply at a suitable temperature. 

Staying Safe at Firmdale Hotels

We have implemented even greater standards to all aspects of our operations in order to safely welcome our guests and team members to our hotels. We promise to continue to deliver our special style of personal service to ensure that each guest’s experience is one of comfort, safety and pleasure. We have tailored our offerings wherever possible to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of care.

In order to embrace the highest standards in accordance with government directives, Firmdale Hotels has a dedicated Group Health and Safety Manager who examines all risk assessments, standards of practice and equipment to ensure it is of the highest level to protect staff and guest safety.

Our Hygiene Partner

We have for many years partnered with Diversey, the global leader in hygiene solutions, which has specific expertise in hospitality. Harnessing over 95 years of experience and knowledge, Diversey has developed hospital grade cleaning technologies.


Cleaning throughout the hotels is in accordance with Public Health England and government guidelines. This is even more frequent with an emphasis on high touch point areas, including the hotel entrance, restrooms, door handles, lift buttons, counter tops and railings.

Masks will be a personal choice for both our staff and guests in public areas. Sanitiser and disposable masks are available at the front desk. We use electro-static spray in all public areas at night to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness throughout.

The frequency of room cleaning is tailored to guest’s individual requirements. Bed linen, towels and guest laundry is washed in accordance with CDC (Centres for Disease Control) guidelines at our own laundry.

Room keys are sanitised frequently and contactless hand sanitisers are placed in all public spaces. Guest luggage is sanitised following its handling by our team. For high touch points, we use COVID-19 hospital grade chemicals.

The hotel gym is available for guests exclusively and is cleaned on a regular basis.

Strict protocols are in place for staff in our kitchens, restaurants, room service, bars and private event spaces. All staff will sanitise their hands regularly.

There is regular cleaning of all air filters and air conditioning systems.


We are following all government and local guidelines with regards to occupancy in our private event spaces. We are accepting bookings in such a way as to ensure social distancing on our events floors. Our private rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after each event, with electrostatic spray and COVID-19 hospital grade chemicals. All stationary is disposed of and replaced after each event.


We are doing everything we can to ensure our valued hotel team are taking every precaution to ensure a safe working environment. They are required to take increased, frequent breaks to wash and sanitise their hands.

Temperature checks are taken from team members once a day and actioned accordingly. Medical teams are on standby should a guest or staff member be detected with a positive sign of COVID-19. Detailed hotel training is in place in case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis where a guest or team member requires quarantine. Regular lateral flow testing is available and encouraged for all team members.

Detailed cleaning Standards of Practice and checklists in all areas are followed and closely monitored. There is a strictly timed procedure for deliveries and staff are protected with the correct Personal Protection Equipment. All suppliers are continuously vetted to ensure operating procedures and standards are in accordance with our own.


Guests are advised and encouraged to practice social distancing from individuals and groups of people they are not travelling with.

We are available at all times to answer any questions you may have regarding hygiene and safety.

Thank you for your continued support.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back to Firmdale Hotels.