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  • Outdoor terrace with greenery and a sofa with two chairs. There are lanterns with candles on either side of the couch and an iron table with chairs against the brick wall.
  • Bedroom with grey printed walls, a bold headboard with dark pattern with bedside tables and a black and white patterned end of bed footstool.
  • Sitting area with grey and white patterned wallpaper, a framed tapestry above the couch, decorative pillows with pops of red and a coffee table.
  • The living space of the bedroom with grey and white patterned wallpaper, a couch to the right and additional sitting area with two chairs and a table to the left.
  • Sitting area with grey patterned walls, a dark hutch with china in it and two chairs in red and grey.
  • A beautiful granite bathroom with walk in shower, bathtub and television to the left with two wash basins in the center