Firmdale Book Salon Online - Cover to Cover with Kit Kemp and our Book of the Week from Much Ado Books

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cover to cover - kit kemp for homes & gardens
plus our book of the week from much ado books

In the special June issue of Homes & Gardens magazine, Kit Kemp offers tips to turn a corner of your home into the perfect reading area with just a little attention to colour, space and light.

Discover how a forgotten chimney alcove can become the perfect reading nook, how to mix old and new and banishing the idea that libraries should only be dark mahogany and leather.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Kit Kemp’s Guest Edit of Homes & Gardens or click here to purchase the digital edition of the magazine. 

Weekly Book Recommendation from Much Ado BookS

A great read from Much Ado Books this week is Adrian Tinniswood's The House Party - an extraordinary glimpse of between-the-war life and society.

Escape from the city. Croquet. Parlour games. Cocktails. And less innocent pursuits . . . The great British house party is a thing of legend, but the reality outstrips imagination in this glittering, gossipy, anecdote-filled social history.

Adrian Tinniswood gives a vivid insight into weekending etiquette and reveals the hidden lives of celebrity guests, from Nancy Astor to Winston Churchill, in all their drinking, feasting and gambling. The result is a deliciously entertaining, star-studded, yet surprisingly moving portrait of a time when social conventions were being radically overhauled through the escapism of a generation haunted by war - and a uniquely fast-living period of English history.