June 2021 - Spa Day Packages at Ham Yard Hotel

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  • You can reserve more than 4 rooms, the rooms can be booked directly with your chosen hotel.
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  • Last food orders for the kitchen are taken at 23:00hrs Monday to
    Saturday, and 22:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays.

  • Tables for more than 6 people are available, and can be booked directly with the restaurant.
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  • Soholistic Spa reception area with shelves behind stocking fresh towels, Rik Rak; Kit Kemp's range of exclusive bath products as well as Temple Spa bath products.
  • Look through spa hallway. On the right you see the edge of the reception area. On the left  are the doors leading into the changing area and one of the treatment rooms. On the floor along the hallway there are lanterns.
  • Look through onto the spa relaxation area. There are orange and white curtains hanging from the ceiling and a white relaxation bed. On the right you can see the marble steam room. At the very end of the room there is a small table with an elephant shaped fountain.
  • Spa relaxation area with four chairs with cushions in and a round stone table in the middle. There is a bouquet of flowers on the table. On the back wall there is a coulorful piece of art work. On the right there is a orange and white curtain hanging  from the ceiling. On the left is a large floor lamp.
  • Double Spa treatment room with two massage beds, on each bed there is a white fluffy pillow and a blanket. On the right wall there is orange and white wallpaper. There are three framed mirrors hanging on the wall. On the back wall in the middle there are shelves with fresh white towels and Rik Rak products.


Treat yourself to a special spa day at Ham Yard Hotel's Soholistic Spa. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated while you escape from the stresses of everyday life.