July 2022 - 18th July: Introduction to Beekeeping & Products from the Hive

Beekeeping on the Roof Terrace
at Ham Yard Hotel

Join host of the acclaimed ‘Queen Bees’ podcast Esther Coles on the Roof Terrace at Ham Yard Hotel for a series of events that celebrate the art of beekeeping in association Ham Yard's resident apiarists, The London Beekeeper.

Discover Ham Yard Hotel's own hives at home on the roof terrace as you learn how to get started in the world of beekeeping and why bees are so essential to our eco-systems. Work with products from the hive including a tasting of various types of honey and craft your own candle from beeswax. A selection of honey-themed canapés and cocktails will also be served.

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Introduction to Beekeeping and Products from the Hive
Monday, 18th July - 6pm to 7.30pm
Join Esther Coles who will inform you on how to get started in beekeeping and what to expect in the first year. Discover the wonderful products that can be harvested from the hive.

Honey Tasting and Candle Making
Monday, 22nd August - 6pm to 7.30pm
Explore different types of honey with Esther Coles and be introduced to single flower varieties and honey from a variety of regions. Let your creativity flow and make your own candle using beeswax.

About Our Bees
Our two bee hives are placed to the rear of the Roof Terrace’s gardens and we employ eco-friendly methods for bee management and hive maintenance. Bee friendly plants have also been established around the hives. Our first batch of honey was produced in August 2015 and is used by bar staff in our cocktail menus.