New York - Thanksgiving

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  • You can reserve more than 4 rooms, the rooms can be booked directly with your chosen hotel.
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  • Last food orders for the kitchen are taken at 23:00hrs Monday to
    Saturday, and 22:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays.

  • Tables for more than 6 people are available, and can be booked directly with the restaurant.
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  • A driftwood bench in the lobby with Halloween pumpkins with a mixed media piece of art by the artist Anslem Keiffer above and dog sculptures wrapped in comic books to the left by Justine Smith.
  • Turkey with cranberry sauce and a bowl of vegetables including Brussels sprouts in the background
  • Pecan Pie with a slice cut out
  • Some of the tables in the restaurant with comfortable chairs in orange pattern, surrounded by encased artwork showcasing serving plates, as well as an interesting, colorful ceiling chandelier.
  • A golden apple start on a Kit Kemp designed plate is surrounded by mini pumpkins, a bouquet of bright flowers and a serving jug of custard.
  • The Crosby Bar serving with bold striped lounge seating and dining tables and serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and cocktails all day long.


Join us for seasonal Thanksgiving feasts at The Crosby Bar and The Whitby Bar.

Choose from a selection of seasonal classics including delicious salads, followed by roasted turkey with all the trimmings and ending with a classic pumpkin pie for dessert.