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  • An afternoon tea setup in the drawing room with a sofa facing the table. 2 paintings hang above the sofa. The Bloomsbury Set Afternoon Tea at Charlotte Street Hotel
  • A cup of tea, plate of cakes and book sit on top of a small bookcase.
  • An afternoon tea setup in the drawing room with a sofa and 2 armchairs facing the table. Paintings hang above the sofa.
  • 2 Martinis, Oscar's Gin, a book and fresh flowers sit on top of a small bookcase.

    The Bloomsbury Set comprised some of the early twentieth century’s most pioneering writers, artists and intellectuals who believed in debate, creativity and innovation and whose work was guided by a sense of fun, freedom and irreverence. They chose the area around Charlotte Street Hotel to live, work and meet their friends to discuss art and rebel against the stifling late Victorian attitudes.  It is said that “They lived in Squares, painted in Circles, and loved in Triangles.”

    In celebration of their experimental and creative lifestyles, Head Chef Bradd Johns has created an exclusive Afternoon Tea, inspired by authentic recipes which The Bloomsbury Set would have enjoyed at teatime, using ‘The Bloomsbury Cookbook – Recipes for Life, Love and Art’ by Jans Ondaantje Rolls. These historical recipes have been brought to life to create a memorable experience for guests at Charlotte Street Hotel.

    To round off the experience in a more contemporary way, we have created Oscar’s Gin, in partnership with local micro-distillery, Bloomsbury - entirely unique to Charlotte Street Hotel and exclusively crafted for our guests. This gin celebrates a creative and experimental culture, combining the skills of the Bloomsbury distillers with those of the Oscar Bar & Restaurant team.

    £26 per person
    £39 per person with an Oscar's Gimlet

    For reservations and further information call 020 7980 1007 or email