Robina's Dinner Party Wallpaper

Introducing Robina’s Dinner Party, a brilliant new wallpaper design from Kit Kemp's collaboration with GP & J Baker. The design is a celebration of one of Kit's favourite ceramists, Robina Jack, and features an array of her signature illustrated plates complete with whimsical animals and brightly patterned borders. 

Available in six different colourways, the collection is a celebration of creativity and craft, translating Robina’s playful ceramics onto a completely different canvas to create a standout wallpaper full of colour and humour.  


Tall Trees Original Wallpaper

This giant wallpaper will whisk you away to a deep enchanted forest. Tall Trees tells a unique story allowing you a special treetop view surrounded by birds, mythical creatures and rolling hills fading into the distance.


Songbird Wallpaper

Kit's New Songbird Wallpaper, in collaboration with Andrew Martin, takes the stylised nature of Chinoiserie landscapes to a softer and more relaxed realm with an English twist. 

" I love to open the door to a room that sings with colour.  Songbird, like its name, does just that. " - Kit Kemp


Mythical Land Wallpaper

Kit Kemp's beautiful Mythical Land Wallpaper, has been redesigned and it is exciting to see how architectural and graphic it has become in several of the colourways.  Kit has always loved the natural plaster colour of the original but has now fallen in love with the dawn and sunset colourways, we never tire of this beautiful, classic design.   


Lantern Parade Wallpaper

Introducing Kit Kemp's new Lantern Parade wallpaper, in collaboration with Andrew Martin, which takes elements from tapestry landscapes and medieval illuminations to create an other-wordly treeline landscape, with the sea beyond.

"We see magic every time Lantern Parade reveals itself on our walls.  It is endlessly fascinating" - Kit Kemp


Papillon Mural Wallpaper

This wallpaper recreates a midsummer night’s creating an enchanted forest in your own home. 

Delightful silvery willow trees dance with blooming powder pink roses and burnt orange butterflies against chalky teal skies.  


Starry Night Wallpaper

Kit Kemp’s “Starry Night” wallpaper,  recreates a magical, and noody,  lapiz lazuli, starry night sky, whether used on walls or on ceilings, its can create a wonderfully atmospheric room.