Sofas & Chairs

Kit Kemp's Sofas and Chairs are designed by Kit Kemp and her Design Team, and are made bespoke for you in a range of Kit Kemp Fabrics, which can be combined with various trims to create truly unique pieces, full of colour and detail. 

All furniture orders are made to order, current lead time in the UK is 12-14 weeks. 

To discuss your requirements and enquiries please call 020 7907 4040



Whether a small side table, a desk or a dining table, Kit Kemp and her Design Team, like to make every piece of furniture count either when combined with a statement dining chair, lamp , or simply on its own.



Kit Kemp headboards seamlessly blend design and comfort, and are a great way of introducing drama and detail.

Whether collaborating with textile artists to create detailed applique and unique embroidered designs, or just showcasing colourful fabric designs, they are stunning design features for your bedroom.



A mannequin is one of Kit's favourite design flourishes to add a splash of colour, detail or pattern to a room, forming both a practical and a unique artwork.