Dining & Entertaining

Mythical Creatures China

Kit is influenced by a sense of the whimsical and the lyrical, as well as a love of animals hence the collection features a series of characters and patterns that have a primitive, folkloric feel.


Sailors Farewell China

A sailor's loved-one is waving goodbye on a rock with her scarf flying in the wind. As she waves goodbye the motifs around the china shows the sailor's adventures on the high seas above and below the waterline.


Acrylic Trays

A beautifully designed acrylic tray which is both lightweight and stackable


Tim's Glassware

John Jenkins is one of the United Kingdom’s leading designers and suppliers of crystal and glass.

John Jenkins and Tim Kemp, Firmdale owner and CEO collaborated to create the ‘Soho’ style which can be seen in all of the Firmdale Hotels in London and New York.