Mythical Creatures China

Kit is influenced by a sense of the whimsical and the lyrical, as well as a love of animals hence the collection features a series of characters and patterns that have a primitive, folkloric feel.


Sailors Farewell China

A sailor's loved-one is waving goodbye on a rock with her scarf flying in the wind. As she waves goodbye the motifs around the china shows the sailor's adventures on the high seas above and below the waterline.


Tall Trees Porcelain

Designed in Collaboration with British brand Spode, the Tall Trees China Collection is a celebration of nature, with it's hand painted woodland tableau, inspired by Kit Kemp's tall trees wallpaper.


Table Linen

100% Pure Linen 


The Calypso Collection

Kit Kemp's Calypso Collection, developed in collaboration with Spode, adds a little joy to everyday life, with colourful pinks, yellows and blue adding the sun to your mealtimes, whatever the weather.


Doodles Range

Designed by Willow Kemp,  for Spode,  The Doodles collection features beautifully detailed sketches that celebrate the uplifting moments of everyday life, and forms a  joyous, vibrant, and informal tea service.


Alphabet Mugs

Kit Kemp's collectable Alphabet Mug Collection with Spode, features richly coloured lettering and is illustrated with an array of fantastical creatures and curiosities.


Acrylic Trays

Our Acrylic trays, are a re-imagining of the traditional tea tray, allowing us to showcase a favourite fabrics or wallpaper by enclosing it in perspex, they add a burst of colour to a coffee table.