Kit Kemp Design Studio

Kit Kemp's Design Studio Cushion range includes some of her fabulous applique designs and feature some of fabrics used in the the studio's favourite room schemes, to provide you with  a cushion that can turn a space around  by adding interest and flare. 

Click here to read Kit's Blog on the Magic of Applique 


Christopher Farr

Kit Kemp has created a new range of cushions using fabrics from her exclusive collection for Christopher Farr Cloth


Fine Cell Work

Fine Cell Work is a charity, founded by Lady Anne Tree, which trains prisoners in skilled, creative needlework. It aims to enable prisoners to develop new skills and acquire the self-belief to stop offending. The work is of superb quality, prisoners are taught by skilled volunteers, including members of the Embroiderers and Quilters Guild.


Chelsea Textiles

Kit Kemp’s hand embroidered collection for Chelsea Textiles is inspired by her love of the whimsical and lyrical, and her fondness of animals, both real and imaginary.  Featuring a series of characters and patterns that have a primitive, almost folkloric feel, the collection shows a series of narratives that playfully unfold, from a star gazing dog and a sailor’s farewell to mythical creatures and a modern take on a suzani.


Kit Kemp for Annie Selke

Kit Kemp's collection for Annie Selke, is a feast of pattern and colours which adds a touch of joy to any room.