Katrin Moye

Ceramicist artist, Katrin Moye is much loved by Kit Kemp and her Team for her colourful and intricately patterned earthenware decorative pieces, which are hand painted with coloured slips and underglazes, and drawn from her extensive knowledge of art history, and literature, and referencing Delftware, and Majolica, these pieces soon become family favourites.


Melissa White

Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio, it is no secret that we are big admirers of Melissa White and her work. She is a close friend and we are continually inspired by her bespoke pieces for domestic, commercial and heritage interiors.

Melissa’s signature style is imbued with a historic, artisanal and painterly feel. Her paintwork is often finished with ageing and distressing to distance it from the new and the mass produced.


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Mimi de Biarritz

Close Friend of the brand, French Artist, Mimi de Biarritz, always has her finger on the pulse of what's humorous and fun, and produces a wide range of pieces based on whatever she sees that inspires her creativity.

 Our exclusive collection of cat houses, and hand painted cardboard decorative boxes, bring her wonderful sense of fun and add life and colour to your home.

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Holly Frean

Infused with witty observational humour, Holly Frean’s work is everything we love about young British artists. Her art is so full of life, colour and charm. It instantly puts a smile on your face!


Celia Lindsell

TOTEM is a new sculpture collection by Celia.  As a sculptor Celia found immense creative energy taking stone and sculpting a form to represent an idea, a feeling or a memory in her life. TOTEM  is a continuation of this creative journey.

TOTEM represents the journey of past, present and future in a convergence of mysteries. Celia works with the wonder of crystal gemstones and carved clay forms creating sculpture of vertical harmony grounded through their wooden plinths.


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