Brumus Brumus

Afternoon Tea

  • £40 per person

  • £52 per person
    with a glass of Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Sussex, England 2018

  • Prawn Marie Rose on bridge roll

  • Egg mayonnaise and watercress on white

  • Ham and English mustard on brown

  • Cucumber and crème fraîche on granary

  • Clementine cake, lemon frosting

  • Salted caramel choux bun

  • Mascarpone, vanilla and passionfruit mousse

  • Strawberry Bakewell tart

Scones with clotted cream and preserves

Includes coffee, hot chocolate or tea:

  • English Breakfast Tea

    A robust and hearty black tea blended from broken leaves producing a coppery liquor with a bright aroma and brisk flavour

  • Earl Grey

    Sourced from the highest quality of tea leaves and natural Bergamot oil, characterised with refreshing hints of citrus

Small bites

As a supplement with afternoon tea

  • Finger sandwiches £7

  • Scones £7

Speciality teas & infusions

£2.50 supplement with afternoon tea

By Wedgwood

Mythical Creatures

Let your imagination wander to a land of Mythical Creatures by Kit Kemp. A tea with oolong, sunflower blossoms, cornflower blossoms and a touch of ripe green mango

By My Cup of Tea

  • Halmari Assam

    A whole leaf tea that includes full golden tips, this second flush Halmari is harvested in June which gives a slight malty flavour with flowery notes

  • Rooibos

    The branches of the wild-growing South African shrub are dried in the sun, creating a high quality tea, ruby in colour and sweetly aromatic taste

  • Egyptian Chamomile

    A calming and gentle drink, this chamomile is from Egypt where the climate is perfect to create an aromatic and clean-tasting infusion

  • Pure Green Mao Feng

    Clean and fresh, spring harvested, this Mao Feng has deeper vegetal notes. The deep green, long and slender leaves are signs of quality

  • White Silver Tip

    Plucked by hand and gently dried to retain the delicate flavour, this tea has honey aromas and notes of peach, dandelion and hay

  • Summer Mint

    A highly aromatic plant, well known for its medicinal benefits, this sweet, minty infusion relieves tension

  • White Jasmine

    Made by covering tea leaves with freshly-picked white jasmine flowers. The leaves take up the fragrance to make a delicate and subtle tea