Oscar Oscar

Bar Food

  • Orange marinated olives £5 (vg) (gf)

    Homemade spiced mixed nuts £5 (vg) (gf)

    Babaganoush, quinoa fritters, baguettini £7.50 (vg)

    Garlic king prawns, coconut harissa £9 (gf)

    Padron peppers, stilton cheese, almonds £7 (v) (gf)

    Cumberland sausage roll, fruity brown sauce £6.50

    Ponzu and honey salmon skewers £8.50

    Chicken and rosemary croquette, tomato chutney £7.50

    Dorset crab roll, crème fraiche, pickled cucumber £13.50

    Croque Monsieur £10

    Oscar club sandwich £12.50

    Hand carved Alfred Enderby smoked salmon, lemon and sourdough toast £20

    Summer garden salad - mangetout, radishes, courgettes, broad beans, herb dressing £12 (vg) (gf)

    Chicken Caesar salad £25

    Selection of artisanal cheese board £15.50