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SoulCycle® is the USA's premiere full-body, indoor cycling workout. Co-founded by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, SoulCycle® opened its first location in New York City in April 2006 and has since taken the country by storm. By combining a unique mental component of inspirational coaching, great music, and a full-body workout on a bike, SoulCycle has reinvented indoor-studio cycling and simultaneously innovated boutique cardio fitness in the marketplace.

Today, over 10,000 riders take SoulCycle classes every day to release stress, burn fat, tone muscle, and change their bodies and lives. The SoulCycle brand experience is high energy, results-oriented, and community based. At SoulCycle, riders engage in high intensity cardio (burning between 500-700 calories) while also toning their upper bodies using hand weights
and core-engaging choreography. The exercise program focuses on rhythm, and the “energy of the pack,” which creates a strong bond between instructors and riders.

SoulCycle classes are held in candlelit studios, making riders feel like they are partying in a healthy nightclub. The dark room allows riders to take a journey and lose themselves in the workout. It enables riders to set an intention that is reinforced by the inspirational coaching of the instructor. Rides take place to one-of-a-kind playlists, which set the tone for an exciting new experience every ride.

NY 10012

+1 212-987-7685