The Soho Hotel - The Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel

A Living Space: A Series Of Films By Kit Kemp
the Terrace Suite At The Soho Hotel

The spacious, top floor two-bedroom Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel is spectacular with a large drawing room, master bedroom, second bedroom and floor to ceiling windows. Doors lead onto a wrap-around terrace with views looking far and wide over London. The oversized marble bathroom has a deep bath tub as well as a two person shower.

"I have stayed in many glamorous hotels where top suites are decorated with gold and acres of shiny surfaces but I didn't want that. My idea of something that is glamorous and rather special and fresh, would be to have things that are made especially for the suite that you are in and in The Terrace Suite, practically everything you look at has been made by hand."
Kit Kemp A Living Space: The Terrace Suite At The Soho Hotel

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