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The Soho Hotel

4 Richmond Mews London W1D 3DH

  • Soholistic gym showing a private room with a spa table covered with white towels, linens and pillows. The walls are decorated with wall light fixtures and various shades of green-colored wallpaper. Rows of Rik Rak and Temple Spa products are stored on shelves in the back right of the room, along with stacked piles of rolled white towels. A wooden door is closed and a white bath robe hangs on the door hook.
  • The Soho Hotel gym has free wight dumb bells, exercise mat, punching bag, exercise bench and re, yellow and green exercise balls
  • The Soho Hotel gym has treadmill, rowing machine, exercise balls, exercise mat and bench
  • The Soho Hotel gym. This is the fridge, with a marble bench top. Fridge is full of Evian water bottles. above the fridge is a colorful mural of bike riders