Haymarket Hotel - Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

£150 | 60 minutes or £180 | 90 minutes

Working on the skeletal and muscular systems of the body, related to various stages of age and fitness, this treatment can be tailored to suit the needs of all guests.

Stress Not - CBD Massage

£150 | 60 minutes or £180| 90 minutes

This calming and anti-inflammatory massage targets muscle pain and melts away tension using the power of warmed Jade stones, leaving you feeling inexplicably relaxed and soothed from top-to-toe. Our CBD balm, STRESS NOT naturally eases muscle stiffness and calms busy minds, giving you a moment of blissful respite. This unique massage experience combines the powerful healing properties of CBD oil and the rare White Jade wave stones. White Jade contains over 30 trace elements, predominantly calcium and magnesium. Which are vital in muscle repair. Jade is a natural transmitter of far infrared rays with the same wavelength as the human body and is known to produce negative ions which encourage our cell metabolism.

Mum To Be Massage

£110 | 60 minutes
Pregnancy Massage (after 12 weeks and before 36 only)

You will enjoy a full body massage without the need to lie on your stomach. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore, tired muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

Drift Away

£115 | 60 minutes or £165 | 90 minutes
Relaxing Full Body Massage or Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This is our really relaxing top to toe massage, formulated with a blend of essential oils guaranteed to have you drifting away. It is completed with a face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream, Repose, soothing nerve endings and relaxing the muscles and the mind.

In Good Spirits

£115 | 60 minutes or £160 | 90 minutes
Energising Full Body Massage or Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

An invigorating and energising massage designed to leave you full of vitality. The massage movements encourage circulation, muscle tone and whole body stimulation.

Signature Massage

£110 | 60 minutes or £160 | 90 minutes
Top to Toe Full Body Massage

Depending on your mood, choose either the Temple Spa relaxing Drift Away massage oil or the In Good Spirits massage oil. A top to toe intensive treatment concentrating on balancing the mind, reviving the body and reducing stress, all guaranteed to leave you relaxed, calmer and totally chilled out.