Haymarket Hotel - The Ground Floor at Haymarket Hotel

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A Living Space: A Series Of Films By Kit Kemp

the Ground Floor At Haymarket Hotel

In this brand new series of exclusive short films, Firmdale Hotels co-owner and Design Director, Kit Kemp, takes you on a journey through some of her most treasured rooms and spaces across Firmdale Hotels, including the Ground Floor at Haymarket Hotel; comprising the lobby, conservatory, library and The Shooting Gallery. These beautifully-appointed spaces along with the 50 bedrooms, suites and five bedroom private Townhouse have all been individually designed and decorated by Kit in her personal style.

"The outside of the building is very traditional but as we enter, it's a little bit more of an adventure... This is what I want our interiors to be; somewhere that makes you smile and somewhere that draws you through to the next point of view."
Kit Kemp A Living Space: The Ground Floor at Haymarket Hotel

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