Ham Yard Hotel - HOLIDAY Collection

by Dinosaur Designs

This summer, Dinosaur Designs presents Holiday, a collection filled with optimism, escapism and the sheer joy of the season. Holiday truly captures the zeitgeist, inspired by a sense of freedom, transporting us to faraway places with its vivid colours and bold shapes.

Designed by Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, Holiday features a palette that is fresh and playful, pairing vibrant Aqua, Zest and Apple with classic Melon, Light Horn and Chalk Swirl. The effect is an evocative colour-play that whisks us back in time, evoking happy memories of summer breaks by the sea.

Striking new shapes add impact to the jewellery collection, from the stunning, oversized Rope bangles and earrings through to the Ball pendants, necklaces and earrings with their smooth, tactile spheres. Adding a celestial touch are the Saturn bracelets, flat and elegant, and soft round Moon earrings, true highlight pieces for a summer wardrobe.

Homewares are equally adventurous, with exciting new Pearl Stack vases and the lush round shapes of Moon dishes, cheese boards, bowls and spoons. Dinosaur Design classic Horn and Branch vases are also now available in the new Holiday colour palette, as are classic Earth bowls and Stone servers.