Ham Yard Hotel - Blush Collection

Blush Collection

Blush has a soft, gentle palette with an almost dreamy quality, featuring muted pastels of peach, powder blue, celadon and blush. Translucent snow swirl and tortoiseshell neutrals weave throughout the collection to create balance. Olsen says, “There’s a gentleness and calmness to this palette which creates harmony with the forms and pieces”.

To add to its classic forms, graceful new shapes have been introduced to the homewares such as the Swan Vases, Temple Trays and Temple Plate. In the jewellery collection, Olsen has continued to push the boundaries by combining resin and metal. New polished resin Stone and Metal Cuffs, Hoop Earrings and Bangles have been designed to add edgy glamour, and along with the homewares, make beautiful, inspired gifts.

The Blush Collection is available at Dinosaur Designs store in Ham Yard Village.