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Ham Yard Hotel

1 Ham Yard, London, W1D 7DT

  • The exterior of a shop in a rounded corner, looking in at a shop with vanity products and a pineapple shaped display case in the middle. Brummells of London
  • A large, pineapple shaped display case in gold and wood in the middle of a shop, the surrounding walls with shelves containing a range of bathroom products. Brummells of London
  • A pineapple fronted by various products sold at Brummells of London. Brummells of London
  • A selection of Kit Kemp Rik Rak products including a Gardenia scented candle, a bottle of soap, a hand lotion, a room spray and a lip balm.
  • Two gift bags from Brummells of London, both white but one with the bottom of a pineapple in green and one with the top of a pineapple in green, stood next to each other to show a full, green pineapple laying down.
  • Closeup of a spray bottle in gold and white.