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Covent Garden Hotel

10 Monmouth Street London WC2H 9HB

  • The lobby area with seating area in the center, seating against the wall on the right and reception desk at the rear, behind ornately patterned curtains.
  • A seating area in the main lobby with 2 beautiful armchairs and a a desk with plants and a large mirror behind.
  • Drawing Room at Covent Garden Hotel with wooden wall panels and a fireplace set as a lounge set up with sofas and comfy chairs over Persian rugs

    The drawing room at the Covent Garden Hotel is tucked away on the hotel's first floor providing a private and exclusive area for guests.

    It is a spacious, wood panelled room with vivid upholstery, a French stone fireplace and quirky furniture.

    It leads into the more intimate Tiffany's Library with a fireplace and honour bar.

    Each room is ideal for guests who wish to entertain in style or simply relax and meet up with friends.