23rd & 24th Jun: Midsummer Cocktail Masterclass with Nuet Aquavit

Midsummer Cocktail Masterclass with Nuet Aquavit

  • Charlotte Street Hotel
  • Friday 23rd June and Saturday 24th June
  • 5pm – 6.30pm
  • £40 per person

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Celebrate the longest day of the year in true Scandinavian style at Charlotte Street Hotel with a special Midsummer cocktail masterclass with Nuet Aquavit.

The Midsummer festival – or Midsommar as it’s known in Sweden, falls on the closest Friday to the summer solstice. This ancient festival with pagan roots is celebrated across Scandinavia and Northern Europe and sees friends and family come together to share food and drink. Flower garlands are worn as crowns and are often woven together while sipping Aquavit - a traditional gin-like spirit, with flavours of dill and caraway.

Hosted by mixologist James Greig from Nuet Aquavit, the evening will bring together key elements from a traditional Midsummer celebration; Aquavit and flower crowns.

Start the evening by making your own flower crown, before going on to explore the unique blend of flavours that make Nuet’s Aquavit so distinctive. Over the course of the evening, you’ll learn how to mix three classic cocktails that can easily be recreated at home: a Spritz, a Dry Martini and a Negroni.

All materials will be provided and guests will receive a limited edition Nuet goodie-bag. The Midsummer masterclass will start at 5pm and run for approximately 90 minutes.


Nuet is a Norwegian startup leading a revolution in aquavit. By combining tradition with innovation, they are bringing this centuries-old Scandinavian spirit outside the Scandi borders in ways never seen before. The company has so far developed two spirits, the Nuet Dry Aquavit and the Moments Toddy. The former is the only aquavit to ever win a gin-award, tailored for cocktails and sipping neat. The latter is the only aquavit-based toddy liqueur on the market, based on Norwegian apples and blackcurrants.