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  • The Soho Hotel's Two Bedroom Terrace Suite. It features stone and pink coloured sofas, table with pastel pink floral arrangement, a spacious living area with pink carpets, book-lined bookcase and two wooden leopard sculptures.
  • The living space of a terrace suite. There is a pink carpet, a beautiful light wood coffee table with a flower arrangement on top. Two couches face each other, they are patterned in shades of cream, brown and red and have decorative pillows in the same shades.  In the background is a fireplace, a mirror and artwork and you can also see the floor to ceiling windows.
  • A terrace suite in warm tones. The brown headboard has colorful leaves in blues and gold tones. There is a couch at the end of the bed in similar shades. A coffee table sits in front of the couch with a flower arrangement. The floor to ceiling windows open up to the terrace.
  • A close up of the bed in a terrace suite. The brown headboard colorful leaves in blues and gold tones. There is a bedside table with a flower arrangement, framed artwork and a small sitting chair in a grey pattern to the left.
  • The master bedroom to the Terrace Suite. It has a king sized bed with an over sized tan headboard. At the end of the bed is a two seater sofa with embroided fabric on it. There's a coffee table in front of the sofa and an arm chair in the room. The bedroom also features a desk with lamps and a large mirror above it
  • View of a bed with a headboard in rich shades of orange, red and blue. The walls are a coordinating deep red and there are three pieces of framed art on the far wall.
  • A beautiful white marble bathroom with two wash basins in the center, each with a mirror above it reflecting the back of the bathroom.
  • A standing shower straight ahead in a bathroom with white Carrera marble. To the right are hanging bathrobes and basins and on the left is a heated towel rack.
  • A bathroom with Carrera white marble,  a deep soaking tub and a television. On the left side is a tapestry hanging on the wall and on the right are tall standing mirrors.