Firmdale Book Salon Online - April: Book of the Month from Much Ado Books

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hamnet by maggie o'farrell
book of the month from much ado books

This month, our friends at Much Ado Books recommend Maggie O'Farrell's Hamnet. This is Shakespearean fiction with a twist...

Hamnet is a domestic tale that happens to feature the family of England’s most revered playwright.

Shakespeare is an offstage feature of the book, which centres on his wife Agnes Hathaway and his children, trying to maintain their life despite a plague sweeping through their town.

A brilliant imagining of the period, Hamnet offers a piercing vision of domestic life that transcends its late-16th-Century setting. The free-spirited Agnes and the ill-fated Hamnet are wholly realised characters whose emotional interiors are rich and subtle.

The novel has garnered terrific reviews. It “confirms O’Farrell as an extraordinarily versatile writer, with a profound understanding of the most elemental human bonds” says the Guardian; “a beautifully written novel “ enthuses The Evening Standard; while the Financial Times calls it “superb”.

About much ado books

Much Ado Books is an award-winning independent bookshop offering both new and old books from a compound in Alfriston, East Sussex.

There, you can find a warm welcome and books spread through two floors of a former builders’ yard – with more books in a Shepherds Hut (near the shop’s henhouse) and a stylish cabin devoted to Arts and Letters. Owners Cate Olson and Nash Robbins bring a distinctive style to their shop design, their unique displays and especially to their hand-picked range of books.