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  • A negroni cocktail with dried pineapple garnish
  • A long shot of the ReFuel bar at The Soho Hotel. The bar is pewter with leather bar stools along it. on the right is low cocktail seating with low cocktail tables. Colors are in burnt oranges and greens. The floor is oak wood
  • A negroni cocktail with dried orange garnish
  • The entrance to The Soho Hotel. It has light green ceramic tiles on the walls. Steps leading up to a small terrace with table and chairs. Entrance is large glass doors

    Join Refuel Bar & Restaurant throughout June as we celebrate the iconic Negroni cocktail. In recognition of Negroni Week from 24 until 30 June, Refuel's talented bartenders will transform three simple ingredients; Campari, gin and Vermouth into unique variations of the classic cocktail. 

    The evolution of the Negroni stems from two cocktails, the Torino/Milano and the Americano. When Count Camillo Negroni asked for gin to be added to his Americano in place of soda, the cocktail was given his name… The Negroni. 

    The Refuel bar team have crafted a special signature serve using an ex-bourbon whiskey barrel to help age the spirit to create the Ultimate Negroni alongside three other exciting twists, including 1796 Negroni with Zacapa 23 Rum, Cocchi di Torino and Campari, resulting in a sweeter twist on the classic. Try a lighter, summer variation with a Pineapple Negroni made with Mor Irish Pineapple Gin. 


    T: 020 7559 3007