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  • The Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel.  A grand room with high ceilings. A dark grey wallpaper patterned with tropical plants with ornate chandeliers hanging from the roof.  Five round tables are laid up for a formal dinner. The Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel
  • The screening room at Soho Hotel.  Cinema style red leather chairs are interspersed with black and white cowhide chairs. In the background is a projector pointing towards the screen. Screening Room 2 at The Soho Hotel
  • Large rectangular table set for private dining of 16 people with orange, light grey and dark grey comfortable chairs, matching flower arrangements as centerpieces, in the surrounds of the intricate light fixtures and bold artwork in the Windmill private event space. The Windmill Room at Ham Yard Hotel
  • A close up of a white table cloth laid up for dinner with Kit Kemp's mythical creatures china. Table Setting Detail
  • The pool at Haymarket Hotel set up for a dinner party. Several large round tables are laid up for a formal dinner party. In the background is a blue light instillation. The Pool and Bar at Haymarket Hotel
  • The Lyric Room at Covent Garden Hotel
  • The Croc Bowling alley with it's four lanes of bowling spots with bowling balls in colorful balls, with a spacious open plan area with a bar at the back on the left hand side. The Croc Bowling Alley at Ham Yard Hotel