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Signature cocktails from the Firmdale Bars

Covent Garden Hotel
Passion and Ginger Caipirinha
Cabana cachaça muddled with ginger, fresh passionfruit and lime. Served in a highball over crushed ice

Haymarket Hotel

Raspberry & Lychee Martini
Kwai-Feh lychee liqueur and a tart, fruity raspberry purée, topped with Prosecco

Charlotte Street Hotel
Lady Charlotte
Bombay Sapphire gin, Maraschino liqueur, egg white and apricot purée. Our take on the classic White Lady cocktail

The Soho Hotel
Soho Sensation
Finlandia vodka, raspberries and passionfruit with Passoa and raspberry liqueur. Served tall over crushed ice

Dorset Square Hotel
Cherry Orchard
Woodford Reserve shaken with Maraschino liqueur and cranberry juice, a dash of Campari and lemon. Served on the rocks 

Crosby Street Hotel
Tiger's Eye
Stolichnaya vodka, cinnamon, lemon juice and pear purée topped with Champagne and star anise


Blooming Marvellous
St Germain, Prosecco, lemon sorbet, flower petal

Lemon Lavendar
Miller's gin, Prosecco, Limoncello, fresh lavender syrup

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Prosecco, sour cherry syrup, yuzu juice, cherries

Licor 43, Prosecco, orange juice, passionfruit

Bubbly Apricot
Drambuie, Prosecco, apricot purée

Pomegranate & Grapefruit Sparkle
Prosecco, Pama liqueur, Campari, pink grapefruit, fresh pomegranate seeds


Covent Garden Punch
Bacardi superior, apricot brandy, Chambord, apricot purée, raspberries, egg white, lemon juice

Cinco Dd Mayo
Patron silver, Licor 43, pineapple juice, fresh lime, cinnamon syrup

Thai Boxer
Appleton VX, vanilla syrup, kaffir lime, basil, coconut, fresh mint, topped with ginger beer

Watermelon Sangria
Grey Goose, Grand Marnier, dry white wine, watermelon, citrus juice,

St Tropez
Tanqueray, Lillet, lemon juice, muddled peach, basil leaves, sugar rim

Venetian Sunset
Jack Daniels, Maraschino liqueur, Aperol, blood orange, mint, cherry syrup

Blackberry Caipirinha
Cachaca, cabernet sauvignon, orange juice, lime, blackberries

Cheeky Rose
Bombay Sapphire, rose wine, rosemary and honey syrup, lemon juice

Sweet & Sour Cherry
Sipsmith gin, cherry syrup, basil, lemon juice, topped with soda

Strawberry Balsamic
Stolichnaya vodka, lemon, balsamic strawberries

Pineapple & Cinnamon Punch
Bacardi Oakheart, Havana Blanco, lime juice, cinnamon syrup, pineapple, Angostura bitters

Peach & Mango Sangria
Viognier, Grand Marnier, peach, mango, mint, topped with sparkling water

Copa Do Mundo
Cachaca, semi- sweet wine, green grapes, raw brown sugar, lime

Green Destiny
Finlandia, Martini Bianco, kiwi fruit, apple juice, cinnamon syrup

Highland Sling
Glenmorangie, Velvet Falernum, coconut liqueur, lemon juice, passionfruit juice

Don Julio silver, blueberry liqueur, watermelon, blueberries, topped with cranberry juice

Grape Pisco Sour
Pisco, grape juice, lime juice, egg white, sugared white grapes

Dark Chocolat Negroni
Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, Campari, Martini Rosso, Tanqueray gin, chocolate bitters

Royal Mojito
Element 8 Gold rum, lime juice, sugar, Angostura bitters, topped with Pommery Champagne


Pure Snow
Koko Kanu rum, Limoncello, lemon juice, coconut milk, passionfruit syrup

Lychee and Elderflower
Belvedere vodka, Kwai Feh, St Germain, elderflower cordial, lychee juice, lemon juice, grapefruit bitters

The Wolf
Hendricks, St Germain, lime juice, cucumber and basil Shaken and topped with ginger ale

Bombay Sapphire gin, Crème de Fraise, strawberries,lemon juice, orange juice, ginger and lemongrass cordial, fresh ginger

Seven Dials
Sipsmith gin, Southern Comfort, lemon juice, orange juice, passionfruit, red currant puree, elderflower cordial

Plumdog Millionaire
Pisco, plum reduction, lemon juice, cranberry juice, golden sugar rim

Forest Bubbles
Crème de Framboise, Prosecco, raspberry purée, elderflower cordial


Pear Lavendar
Belvedere, pear purée, apple juice, lavender syrup, honey, lavender stem

Pocket Rocket
Grey Goose, lemon juice, egg white, fresh rocket, Angostura bitters

Fig & Honey 
Sipsmith vodka, fig purée, honey, lemon, topped with ginger ale

La Mandarina
Don Julio Reposado, mandarin, lemon juice, basil

Plummy Mummy
Woodford reverse, plum liqueur, plum reduction, fresh thyme, lemon juice

Pink Dill 
Bombay Sapphire, pink grapefruit, fresh dill

Elegant Rose 
Tanqueray, Crème de Mure, rose wine, lemon juice, almond syrup

Chillin Like A Villain
Finlandia, Grand Marnier, mango, lime, agave syrup, fresh chilli

Princess Jasmine 
Jasmine infused Grey goose, lemon juice, egg white, fresh honey, topped with soda


West End Berry
Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, topped with pomegranate juice

Grapefruit Cooler
Grapefruit juice, apple juice, fresh basil, topped with sparkling water

Clementine juice, raspberries, caramel, topped with sparkling water

Virgin Plum Mojito
Fresh lime, mint and plums, topped with apple juice

CGH Green Ice Tea
Konacha water, passionfruit, apple juice, infused chilled green tea



Covent Garden Platter £25.00
Duck spring rolls, bruschetta, crispy squid, mini fish and chips, mini beef burger

Mediterranean Platter £25.00
San Daniele ham, salami Milano, baby artichokes, buffalo Mozzarella, caperberries, sun blushed tomatoes, olives and chillies, toasted bread, red pesto

Dumpling Platter £25.00
A selection of steamed dumplings: prawn, pork and shrimp, chicken and vegetable
Sweet chilli, ponzu and ginger dipping sauce

Mini Burger Platter £25.00
A selection of beef, chicken and falafel burgers, French fries, ketchup, mayonnaise and pickles

Asian Platter £25.00
Chicken satay, duck spring rolls, crispy king prawns, vegetarian spring rolls, Thai fish cakes

Crispy duck and ginger spring rolls with white plum sauce £6.50
Mini beef burgers, tomato and onion relish £7.00
Mini chicken burgers, mango chutney £7.00
Thai fish cakes, sweet chilli dipping sauce £7.00
Crispy squid, chilli and sesame dipping sauce £7.50
Crispy king prawns and roasted garlic mayonnaise £8.00
Mini fish and chips, tartare sauce £7.50
Tuna sashimi, guindilla peppers, ginger and soy £12.50
Smoked salmon blinis with crème fraiche £12.50
Spicy pitta chips, babaganoush, hummus and harrisa yoghurt £7.50
Hand cut wedges, tomato and peppercorn salsa £5.50
Vine tomato, basil and Mozzarella bruschetta £6.00
Steamed vegetable dumplings £7.50
Steamed prawn dumplings £7.50
Vegetable spring rolls £6.00
Marinated olives £5.50
Chickpea and coriander falafel, yoghurt and mint £6.00
Seasonal vegetable sticks, homemade hummus £9.50

Brasserie Max beef burger, French fries £18.50
Crab burger, French fries £22.50
Steak sandwich, béarnaise sauce, French fries £20.50
Covent Garden club sandwich £16.50
Chicken Caesar salad £21.50
Covent Garden Cobb salad £21.50