Firmdale Hotels

79 Crosby Street New York NY 10012

T: +1 212 226 6400      F: +1 212 226 0055       E:


Seats 99
Size 145 sqm (1563 sq ft)
Screen Size 9 x 3.5 metres (30 x 12 ft)

35mm Projection:

2 x Kinoton FP 30 D professional film projectors

High power 2KW Xenon light sources

1:1.85 (Wide Screen)

1:2.35 (Cinemascope)

Digital Cinema:

NEC NC1600, DCinema 2K, HD (2048 x 1080)

Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

Dolby Digital Cinema

Dolby DMA 8 Digital Decoding Unit

Octopus II HD Scaler/Switcher

HDSDI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite

Digi Beta, Sony J 30

Blu Ray, Sony BD-5000

DVD Player/Recorder, JVC SR-MV45US


Dolby CP650 Cinema Processor, Dolby DMA 8 Digital Decoding Unit

5.1, Mono, Dolby A, Dolby SR and Dolby SRD Digital, Dolby EX, Pro Logic II
Lecterns and wired/ wireless microphones, tie lines between stage and projection room, audio record output.

3D, DCP, Digi Beta & Beta SP (PAL /NTSC), DVD (PAL/NTSC, All regions) FreeView Digital TV, All PC/ MAC presentations (including sound), please ask if your desired format is not listed.
Lightning fast wireless & wired network internet.

Available on request: HD-D5, HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, DVCAM, HDDV, Blu-Ray
HD Deck Hire: $600-$1300 per day