Firmdale Hotels

4 Richmond Mews London W1D 3DH

T:+44 20 7559 3000 F:+44 20 7559 3003



Refuel, the restaurant at The Soho Hotel, welcomes children of all ages. To make a reservation telephone T: 020 7559 3007 or email by CLICKING HERE


Tomato soup 3.50
Sausages and mash  6.50
Burger, salad, relish and French fries  7.50
Fish and chips, tartare sauce  8.50
Chicken goujons, hand cut chips, barbecue sauce  7.00
Roast chicken, potatoes and seasonal vegetables 8.00
Spaghetti with tomato sauce  6.00
Organic salmon, new potatoes and peas  7.50
Scrambled eggs on toast  6.00
Macaroni cheese  6.00

Selection of ice creams and sorbets  5.50
Chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream 5.50
Blueberry pancakes and maple syrup  5.00
Strawberries and cream  5.00
Fresh fruit salad  5.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT
Sorry, we do not accept cheques
Wheat free bread and pasta are available
If your child has an allergy to certain foods, please inform one of the staff members
A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill