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Although the Knightsbridge Hotel does not have a restaurant, it does provide full 24 hour room service served in guest rooms or in the ground floor library and drawing room.


Kir Royale £13.50
Beaumont des Crayères champagne with a splash of crème de cassis

Mojito £11.50
Fresh lime and mint smashed together,combined with Bacardi 8 year old rum, served long over crushed ice

Knightsbridge Martini £12.00
Bombay sapphire gin or Grey Goose vodka, extra dry vermouth, shaken with ice, garnished with olives or a citrus twist

Whisky Sour £11.50
Jack Daniels, shaken with lemon juice, sugar and dash of bitters

Bloody Mary £11.50
Finlandia vodka, tomato juice, lemon slice, seasoned to taste

Virgin Mary £5.50
Tomato juice, lemon juice, seasoned to taste

Cosmopolitan £12.00
Absolut vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, dash of lime, garnished with an orange twist