Firmdale Hotels

15-17 Charlotte Street London W1T 1RJ

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Scotch pancakes, seasonal berries, maple syrup £9.00
French toast, seasonal fruit £9.50
Wholegrain crêpes, banana, kiwi, natural yoghurt £10.50
Wild mushrooms on brioche £13.50
Canadian pancakes, bacon, maple syrup £12.50
Glazed banana, Greek yoghurt, seasonal berries and honey £9.00
Eggs Benedict £10.50
Eggs Florentine £10.50
Eggs Royale £12.50
Orange and grapefruit segments with cranberries £7.00
Seasonal fruit plate £9.50
Grilled figs, honey, natural yoghurt £9.00
Selection of cheeses and cold meats £9.50
Omelette of your choice £12.50
Egg white omelette of your choice £12.50
Kedgeree £11.50
Free range eggs, toast of your choice £7.50
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and rye toast £14.50
Pastries £4.00
Granola bar £3.50
Poached or grilled kippers £9.50

All £4.00
Sautéed potatoes
Cumbrian bacon
Field mushrooms
Black pudding
Baked beans
Sautéed spinach
Bubble and squeak
Cumberland sausage
Grilled plum tomatoes

Organic - rolled and jumbo oats, barley, rye, wheat, spelt and rice flakes
Prepared with your choice of milk, water or cream
Seasonal berries, pineapple, mango and sunflower seeds
Poached prunes, banana and maple syrup


Any cooked item and your choice from the buffet

Please make your selection from the breakfast table


Free range eggs cooked to your liking, Cumberland sausage, Cumbrian bacon, plum tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms, black pudding, bubble and squeak

Free range eggs cooked to your liking, vegetarian sausages, plum tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms, sautéed spinach

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, bowl of strawberries, glass of Champagne

Melon, blueberries and mint, gluten free muesli, prunes and natural yoghurt, egg white omelette with spinach and tomato

Spinach and goat's cheese croissant, mini eggs Benedict and mini eggs Royale, streaky bacon finger sandwich on buttered white bread, brown toast fingers with smoked salmon and black pepper, pain au chocolat with banana and maple syrup, mini muffin, mini seasonal fruit bowl, mini crunch pot, mini granola bar

The breakfasts listed above include:
Choice of freshly squeezed juices

Toast and preserves
Coffee, tea or infusions


French toast, seasonal berries £8.50
Full English Breakfast £20.00
High Breakfast £21.00
Canadian pancakes, bacon, maple syrup £12.50
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, heritage tomatoes, basil £10.50
Kedgeree £11.50
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs on rye toast £14.50
Wild mushrooms on brioche £13.50
Chargrilled sirloin, fried egg, hand cut chips £22.50
Eggs Benedict £10.50
Eggs Florentine £10.50
Eggs Royale £12.50
Hot smoked salmon and saffron risotto £9.50 / £18.00
Caesar salad £15.50 / chicken £18.00 / prawns £19.50

All prices are inclusive of VAT
Sorry, we do not accept cheques
Wheat free bread and pasta are available
If you have an allergy to certain foods, please inform one of the team
A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill